Episode 46: The Whole Foods Fiasco, Weight Training Ouchies & Relationship Red Flags

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What’s On Our Minds

CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey is catching some heat for an interview he did with the New York Times. If you actually read it in full, you’d probably think he’s a reasonable person whose perspective was formed by observation and experience. But if you read nothing but the backlash or the headlines of articles that take his words out of context, then you might think he’s an insensitive ass.

So Chris and I talked about the comments he made on obesity. His words were far more nuanced than what’s being reported. What did he actually say? This:

“Whole Foods has opened up stores in inner cities. We’ve opened up stores in poor areas. And we see the choices. It’s less about access and more about people making poor choices, mostly due to ignorance. It’s like being an alcoholic. People are just not conscious of the fact that they have food addictions and need to do anything about it.”

But every stupid headline is saying, “John Mackey thinks obesity is caused by ignorance!”

And this is why you should dig a little deeper before believing everything a reporter says. Their goal isn’t accuracy; it’s clicks. What gets more clicks? Things that rile people up.

So take a listen to our side of the story. Chris and I are not in complete agreement with each other, but we love having these conversations anyway.


Chris has a buzzer now! So take the quiz and see if you can get fewer buzzes than me.

What strength activities cause the most injury? What part of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) has been removed by its inventor? See if you can ace this quiz.

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According to relationship experts there are five questions that can help you determine whether or not your relationship will last. Chris asked me these questions, which was a little awkward considering we were right in front of the dogs!  (Not to mention a few people who might actually hear this episode.) I think our marriage might survive it though.

The Shugart Cart

I’m treating my dark under-eye circles with this stuff called Colorscience Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy. Their ad popped up in Instagram and I actually bought it straight from my phone… which is weird to do at first. But you can also find it on Amazon if you just want to buy it with the rest of your one-click shopping.

Chris is recommending the audio book, The Like Switch. And he found an abbreviated version of it on Apple. It’ll take less time to get through, and you can listen while you drive, garden, paint walls, walk dogs, etc.

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