Episode 64: How to Boost Muscle Growth in 3 Weeks & The Color of Winning

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What does it mean to trust the experts? Who gets to determine who’s an expert and who’s not? What if experts disagree with one another? And what if later we discover that the experts were wrong and unhelpful?

We dive into this topic because it seems like those who are the best at helping people often get pooped on because they don’t have the right letters after their name. Of course, there’s nuance here and we don’t have all the answers, but we do have experience with certain “experts” who turned out dead-wrong, and alternative health practitioners who were able to make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others.


This week Chris quizzes us on a mish-mash of questions. Here’s where you can go to take a closer look at each:
• Stress, Thinking, and Petting Dogs: Study
• Hot Bath and Health: Study
• Pink Drinks: Study
• Married Sex: Study
• Sad Movies and Music: Study

And as for the study about listening to things that match your mood, here’s a song that can match both a low-ish mood and a high-ish mood.


Have you hit a muscle-growth plateau? Maybe you need to spend some time focusing on just strength in the lower rep ranges. Check out this article: You’re Too Weak to Get Big

Shugart Cart

Dani’s Cart: Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning stuff, lotions, soap, etc.
Chris’s Cart: Multi Collagen Protein, by Horbaach

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One thought on “Episode 64: How to Boost Muscle Growth in 3 Weeks & The Color of Winning

  • Aaron

    Hey guys, it’s Aaron from Germany again 🙂

    I would like to join the debate about experts, so if you do not care about my opinion on this topic, you probably want to skip the next paragraph of this comment and scroll straight down to the LUVVV 😉

    You said that you need to hear “both sides” on a topic to be able to learn. I see where you are coming from and I agree that on platforms like twitter, nobody should be banned for saying things that do not involve
    really harmful things (like encouragement to suicide etc.).
    I am also very strongly opposed to the authority and imagination of general competence our society associates with letters like MD, PhD, etc. and I think we should constantly remind ourselves that those who carry them still remain human beings.
    I still think that you miss some parts of the picture when it comes to science. The debate happens, and it is a pretty tough one – it is called peer review. And if an article survives this process and is published at the end, I think you can be pretty confident that the information it contains is reliable beyond the opinion of the individual. Of course this does not mean that I support the elitist character of this process. I think it could be done in a much more open fashion so the public would see the debate and really develop a feeling of the fights that happen around scientific results before they are considered true by the community, but that is another topic.

    Love your show, you really find a great balance between informative and cozy-feel-good-cuddlewithmypetsinablanket-goodness.
    Have a great day <3

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