Episode 62: Avoid This 2-Hour Testosterone Killer, Weirdo Fitness Stalkers & Nipple Science

On Our Minds

Chris shares an article from The Morning Chalk Up that’s so creepy, he can’t get it off his mind. So we discuss that as well as the ins and outs of social media, why it’s exhausting, and how fit pros use it.


This week’s quiz is partly on relationships, partly on sex, and partly on some disturbing things. See how you do! And if you want to take a closer look at any of the studies, here ya go!

How cute animal pictures affect relationships and marriage

How people perceive those with erect nipples

How people react to receiving unsolicited D-Pics

Who’s more likely to fall asleep right after sex

How women would feel about their spouses getting it on with sex robots

Additional stuff we mentioned:

Here’s that (riveting) TV series called “Humans” which is about AI becoming conscious. And here’s the story of the woman who wanted to marry her chandelier: “Woman Loves Her Chandelier So Much That She Names It Lumière And Gets Engaged To It”


We’ve got two studies this week. The first is from 2013 and it’s about sugar’s affect on testosterone. If you’re trying to keep your testosterone at optimal levels, which is a wise choice for anyone who wants to be happy in life, then you might want to avoid consuming massive sugar bombs. STUDY

Shugart Cart

I’ve got Free and Clear Ty-D-Bol in my cart this week. It sounds lame, but everyone uses the toilet, and if you’ve got dogs or kids, you might want to opt for a cleaning agent that’s not making them breathe in bleach. I won’t link to it on Amazon because you can find it at any store. Just be on the lookout for the stuff that lacks the harsh chemicals. Here’s some more info on my concerns: “How Your Housecleaning Products Can Be Bad for Your Lungs”

And Chris has cable machine attachment handles in his cart this week. You can find them on Amazon. HERE


If you stuck around for this final bit of the show, we terribly attempted to sing bits and pieces of Total Eclipse of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler.

Here’s the original video. There’s no other word for it than… creepy. I’d love to see her do a commentary on it as it’s playing because she’d probably feel the same.

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