Episode 60: The Woke Want Us Fatter & Unexpected Turn-Ons

On Our Minds

Chris and I reveal why we took such a long break from podcasting. It was partially to visit family and partially because we’re working on a new project. (Hint: A cookbook for people who want to be lean and muscular… while eating delicious high-protein food.)

On a somewhat related note, there’s a cookbook author who’s villainizing recipes that are lower in fat or carbs. You can see her take in this article or get the quicker breakdown of it here.

My take? Your diet is what you eat. So even if you “reject diet culture” like that author does, if you’re still eating regularly then you have a diet. And if you’re not conscientious about it, then it’ll be pretty hard to avoid the Standard American Diet (Sad). There’s a reason it has that name. Most people in this country are on it. And according to the leading causes of death in the United States, it’s not a super healthy diet to be on.

Eating whatever the hell you feel like is the norm. It’s not heroic no matter how self-aggrandizing you are when you cry about mean diets that recommend an abundance of vegetables and protein.

Here’s what that normal way of eating has lead to…

• Heart Disease and Obesity
• The 13 Cancers Related to Obesity
• Obesity and Covid-19 Death Rate

The woke cookbook author is not alone though. There are a lot of professionals who seem to be encouraging people to avoid diets to lower their weight. This is astonishing to me. Because trying to lose weight by improving your diet is obviously not more dangerous than heart disease, hypertension, the 13 cancers related to obesity, and the greater risk of death from C-19.

Please don’t pretend like you care about people’s health if you want them to eat in a way that’ll get them into a grave faster.


This week’s quiz is all about the weird stuff that turns people on. Check out the survey here: SURVEY. Chris also discusses the most attractive quality people look for in a partner. Here’s the link for that.


We’ve got two studies: the first is on testosterone and brain health, and the second is on the best time to do cardio if your main goal is fat loss. Click here for the first study. And here for the second study.

Shugart Cart

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