Episode 59: Partial Reps, Deadlift Fixes & Photogenic D-Pics

On Our Minds

We have lots of announcements this time! So here’s what we got into…

1. First, the kettlebell workout I (Dani) gave you last week had a teeny tiny inaccuracy… in the form of 200 loaded walking lunges. That’s not a workout I can do, but if YOU’RE able to then I applaud you and want to know how long it took.

2. It’s our season finale! So if you’ve been enjoying Fit Pants, we’d love you even more if you shared your favorite episode with a friend.

3. The tuna at Subway is legit according to the newest tests… but I have questions about the “dolphin safe” labels.

4. My new T Nation article dropped and you can find it right here – How Fat Are You? Let’s Find Out!

And finally we talk about strength standards specifically in the deadlift. For some reason, going above 255 has never felt like a good idea to me. And for my weight, that means I’m not considered strong. According to these standards, I’m not even an intermediate lifter. Even though I first started lifting in 2001, and have worked with dozens of amazing coaches.

But in real-life situations, I’ve never had to pick up anywhere near the amount of weight that I’m deadlifting now… or even half of it. So is there really a need to raise my one rep max? Or am I just feeling the pressure because of standards coaches have set? Are their standards arbitrary for someone who’s not planning on signing up for a powerlifting meet?

Chris had a pretty good bit of advice. See if it resonates with you! And here are three perspectives on the subject of strength standards:

• Five Realistic Tests of Strength
• Are You Strong? Find Out With These Strength Standards!
• Death to Strength Standards!


This week’s quiz is all about terminology the hip, young singles are using these days. And I can’t even remember how we got into the subject of D-pics, but somehow, it made its way into the title of this episode.

Chris found the verbiage from all over the internet, so I don’t have a reference for this segment. But here’s a fun article that lists all the terms you’ll ever need to know about the subject: A comprehensive guide to every dating term you’ll ever need to know — in alphabetical order


If there’s a muscle group you’re wanting to build, stop pooping on partial reps. You’ll need them. Chris shares a study in which participants ONLY used partials on the skull crusher and ended up gaining significantly more muscle than the group who only used a full range of motion.

Now, obviously, the skull crusher is an isolation movement, so it’d be interesting to find out what would happen to participants if they did a compound exercise.

Would leg circumference increase with the use of partial range squats? I’d love to know! But in the meantime, check out the tricep study: RIGHT HERE.

Shugart Cart

This week I’ve got ingredients for healthy-ish dog food in my cart. Why? Because making your own is actually really fun. The dogs don’t seem to care that it’s nearly flavorless; they love everything!

So here’s the meatloaf recipe I promised…

• 1 pound ground turkey
• 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats
• 1/2 cup flaxmeal
• 1 egg
• 1 cup of shredded carrots
• A teensy dash of salt and an Italian spice mix

1. Preheat oven to 350 (F) and spray a foil loaf pan thing with olive oil.

2. In a huge bowl, mix everything together with your hands. Get messy. It’s super gross and fun at the same time.

3. Plop all the ingredients into the pan and evenly distribute so that it looks like a meatloaf.

4. Bake for about an hour. Depending on your oven, it may need more or less time.

5. Serve your puppos a slice, and then watch them get excited every time you pull the loaf out of the fridge.

Here are 13 other meat loaf recipes for dogs. Mine was just the easiest combination of a couple of them.

I’ve also been playing around with a puppy cookie recipe…


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Chris has a knife in his cart this week. It’s from Gregg Moffatt Knives and you can check it out RIGHT HERE. It’s called the Uwak Pikal and Chris explained that you’d use a lot of lat strength (which is much stronger than arm strength) to stab someone with it.

Here’s a little video he did on it…


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And if you missed an episode, catch up below!

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