Episode 58: The One-Kettlebell Workout, Erection Perfection & Avocado Science

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If you only had one kettlebell or dumbbell, could you figure out a way to have a great workout? We talked about the benefits of having fewer choices and how limitations make people more creative.

So here’s what I do with a kettlebell on occasion as part of a larger workout…

My (Dani’s) One Kettlebell Workout

Option One – Complete As Fast As Possible

• Walking Lunge: 10 steps out
• Push-Up: 10 reps
• Walking Lunge: 10 steps back
• Push-Up: 9 reps
• Walking Lunge: 10 steps out
• Push-Up: 8 reps
Continue this way until you hit ZERO push-ups.

[NOTE: This workout has been changed from what was described in the podcast. I f*cked that up… details to come in episode 59.]

Start a timer, then do a set of lunges out and back immediately followed by push-ups. Repeat without rest using descending reps on the push-ups. Do 10 rounds stopping after your one single push-up.

Option Two – Every Minute on The (Two) Minutes

• Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunge: 10 steps out, 10 steps back
• Push-Up: 10 reps every set

Start an EMOM timer, but set it up so that there’s two minutes for each round. You’ll go for 5 rounds (10 minutes total). Start the timer, then do a set of lunges followed immediately by push-ups. Rest for the remainder of the two minutes, then begin again.

Note: Get the SmartWOD timer app for your phone. It makes timed workouts so much better.

Ways to make it harder:
• Try option one without descending the sets and do 10 sets of 10 reps on the push-ups.
• Hold a second kettlebell if you’ve got one.
• Use band resistance on your push-ups or add an isometric hold in the bottom position.

Ways to make it easier:
• Hold the kettlebell in a front rack position, instead of overhead.
• Do the first few sets in an overhead position then lower to the front rack as fatigue sets in.
• Skip the kettlebell completely.
• Extend the time cap and rest as needed. Or for option two make it every minute on the three minutes.

Here’s a quick look at what you’d do on the first set… 

Chris also shares what he used to do when we were snowed in and only had a couple kettlebells to play with.

Chris’s One-Kettlebell Workout

• Hold a heavy kettlebell in the goblet position and squat for several reps.
• Catch your breath.
• Hold the heavy kettlebell by the horns and push press it overhead.
• Catch your breath.
• Repeat.

We also talk about Coach Dan John’s epic article from 2004, The One Dumbbell Workout.

And check out the model in those old photos. (It’s Chris from 17 years ago!)


This week’s quiz is a hodgepodge of health and relationship science. If you’d like to take a closer look at the topics we discussed, here they are:

• Spouses and TV Time
• Spoiled Pets
• Brain Health
• Refractory Between Erections
• Steroids in Your 20s 


Is it time to swap out the probiotics for avocados? A new study shows that this awesome vegetable (a fruit, really) promotes healthy gut bacteria… AND the extra calories you get from it appear to get pooped right out. Here’s the study.

Shugart Cart

Let’s go on a diet: A social media diet. You don’t have to stay off completely, just trim the excess and see what happens to your productivity, creativity, time management, and life enjoyment. But be ware, when Facebook finds out you’re decreasing your time on the app, they’ll start pestering you in dubious ways.

And boners are fun. So Chris has a recommendation for a supplement that doesn’t just ramp up the potential for stronger erections, it also helps with prostate health and prevention of urinary tract infections.

Check out P-Well. 

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  • John Chilson

    Hey guys, loving the podcast. One complaint though, is that it’s hard to get feedback back to you. I’m discovering this method now after having messaged both Dani and the FitPants Podcast on Messenger, and leaving comments on the Facebook posts. Anyway, I was trying to give an answer on a question Dani asked for feedback on from an episode a few weeks ago.

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      Hi John, just saw your feedback! Thanks for the great info! Sorry we missed it before; Facebook’s business pages are a little over my head. But I think we got the hang of it now.

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