Episode 57: The Biggest Lesson for Hardcore Lifters & Food for Higher T Levels

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Do we need to make our future selves disabled in order to prove how “hardcore” we are now? I went to an emergency dentist last week who told me that the reason why he can’t run anymore (or hardly walk) is because of all his running injuries and the damage it did to his body.

He proceeded to tell me what an amazing runner he used to be, and there seemed to be no ounce of regret in his voice. Running was clearly his passion, but it destroyed his body as a mid-sixty-something year old. According to him, he basically had no Achilles tendon in one of his legs.

Is this what any of us want to become in the future? Someone who works so hard to achieve lofty physical goals that they can hardly do normal things (like walking) once they’re older? This kind of reminds me of what Seth Godin calls the hedonic treadmill.

We also talked about how dopamine affects motivation and why that could be the reason people chase goals so hard.


Test your knowledge on all things food, fat loss, romance, and more.

Here’s a closer look at each topic:
• Beans and Waistlines
•  The 7-Year Itch 
Tuna At Subway
• Fish Fake-Outs 
 Condomless Sex
• Kettlebell Swings and Calories Burned

As promised, a link to Coach Dan John’s work: Click here.


Don’t toss out your egg yolks…. like… ever again. One study shows that they can increase testosterone, reduce body fat, and increase anaerobic power.
Get the full scoop here.

Shugart Cart

You could be putting chocolate chips in your face every day. The Bake Believe brand makes some killer sugar-free, low-ish carb chocolate chips. Use their site to find a location that sells them in your area. Here it is.

Chris has been experimenting with protein-filled popsicles and he’s finally nailed down a very simple recipe that contains about 24 grams of protein. He uses popsicle molds from a company called Momasicles. Grab em here.

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