Episode 55: The 8 Am Workout Advantage, Health Vs Paranoia & The Wedding Ring Paradox

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Where do you draw the line between being proactive about your health or paranoid? Because trying to avoid any potential toxic thing in the world might be helpful, but being scared of everything might also greatly decrease your quality of life.

But there do appear to be a few ingredients worth avoiding. Chris and I generally steer clear of plastic food containers, perfumes, scented candles, lotions that contain parabens or phthalates, air fresheners, and detergents that contain ingredients with certain known irritants.

Why? Because even if we’re wrong, and their endocrine-disrupting ingredients turn out to be benign, our lives aren’t hurt that badly by skipping them.

Check out these articles if you’d like to take a deeper dive:
The New Chemicals That Make You Store Fat
The T-Killing Toxins


This week’s quiz is all about marriage and health… and healthy marriages. See if you can get all the answers correctly!

Here are the topics we covered:

Spouses Who Keep a Secret Stash
Marriage Statistics
Wedding Rings
Divorce Rate
Couples Who Exercise Together


Fitness professionals (almost) always say that the best time to work out is whenever you HAVE time. Do it when you can. But if you have the choice, new research is showing that the best time – for your health – is between 8-10 AM.

Why? It has to do with melatonin production and cancer prevention. Check out the study here: Exercise Timing and Cancer

Shugart Cart

Our dog Kipper doesn’t really like to chase or fetch too often, so to make sure he gets some playtime in, we give him a plush toy. They light him up with excitement and he’ll chase us around the sofa when we’re holding it, he’ll jump up high when we dangle it above his head, or he’ll tug on it with us. This is good exercise and we want to make sure he’s getting enough of it.

The only problem? Once he gets ahold of said toy, he’ll rip it open and remove the cotton filling and squeaker. He loves stuffed animals mainly because he loves to destroy them.

So if your pup can relate, you’ve gotta check out these things from Chewy.com: FRISCO Muscle Plush Squeaking Wolf Dog Toy

It holds up a lot longer than many of the “indestructible” toys we used to get him. At one point, we gave up on those and just started buying him a cheap toy a week. But that’s pretty wasteful, so this muscle plush toy really comes in handy. It’s also got abs, which is cute.

And if you’re tired of protein shakes, check out this book that’ll teach you how to make any food you can think of using protein powder:  The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook: Think Outside the Shake

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