Episode 52: How to Stay Sexy During a Layoff & The Truth About Training Obsession

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On Our Minds

It’s unsettling when you have to stop training for any reason. It’s even more unsettling when you can’t do it because you’re recovering from surgery. So we answer the question one listener sent us: How do you keep from gaining fat when you’re on the mend after a major surgery?

Here are five strategies we discuss:

  1. Reframe your time off and see it as an opportunity to press reset and make more progress once you’ve eased back in to training.
  2. Track your food intake with an app or a pen and paper. (Try not to be too anal about it though.)
  3. Keep your dietary protein intake high to help keep your appetite in check.
  4. Use creatine to preserve muscle mass.
  5. Take fish oil to fight inflammation.
  6. And consider supplementing with BCAAs to retain lean muscle tissue and also potentially help with appetite control.

Here are the experts we reference and their ideas:

• Once you’re able to work out, if you can’t hold heavy barbells or dumbbells, consider using Paul Carter’s Big Wheels, No Weights program.

• And take a page from coach, Tony Gentilecore who wrote about his “trainable menu” after surgery in The New Essential Leg Exercise.


If you’re thinking of professions that are hardest on the body, acting actually has to be up there. At least if you play the role of characters who’ve been through some sh*t. That’s what Chris is quizzing me on this week. This is an easy quiz for people who can remember celeb names.

What celebrity transformation was the most dramatic in your opinion?


Chris found a recent study on runners… but it applies to everyone who’s into exercise. Turns out, there are two types: Those who are “obsessively passionate” and those who are “harmoniously passionate”.

The obsessively passionate group was far more likely to be injured and far more likely to continue running anyway. They were also more likely to screw up their relationships just to preserve their exercise routines. Raise your hand if you know any lifters like this.

So we talk about the problem with identifying as (insert type of exerciser here) instead of just being a grown up who engages in that exercise on a fairly consistent basis. Making your hobbies your identity comes with all sorts of problems. Namely, when you can’t work out, you don’t know who the heck you are anymore. This can lead to some pretty dark thoughts and destructive behaviors. It also makes you a pretty one-dimensional, boring person.

Shugart Cart

Moira from Schitt’s Creek rocked some pretty amazing wigs… and it actually got me to start paying attention. Because outside of fictional characters, there are a lot of celebs who wear wigs in their day to day lives. And if they can do it, why can’t we?

So I left the studio and put one on this and then came back to get Chris’s reaction. I found it on Amazon.

Chris has this bread substitute in his cart this week and he wants to use it as a soft tortilla for tacos. But I disagree. These things look perfect for mini-pizzas.

So whether you’re using it as a mini pizza crust, a street taco tortilla, or a sandwich bread,  this stuff is damn good. And the extra good news? It’s low carb and grain free.

Want to try it yourself? Get them here. 

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