Episode 51: The New Spot Reduction, Big Ass Calves & The Silent Muscle Killer

On Our Minds

Conventional wisdom tells us spot reduction isn’t possible. Most personal trainers agree. But what if there’s more to the story?

Chris and I discuss our experiences along with what a few of our favorite (open minded) experts have said. According to them, spot reduction is possible among those who are advanced enough to make it work and actually see the results.

Here’s an article Chris wrote with Coach Thibaudeau on the subject: Targeted Fat Mobilization.

Here’s what Dr. Lonnie Lowry has written about it: Spot Reduction is Real

And here’s what Coach Eric Bach has said about it: The Simple Plan for Stubborn Body Fat

As for our own experiences, Chris revealed what made his ab definition finally start showing up and I talked about what I do to make the fat around my armpits disappear.


This week’s game is about exercise science and longevity. Here are the topics covered in this true-or-false quiz:

• Nighttime Hight Intensity Interval Training 
• Muscle Mass and Heart Disease
• The Most Effective Hamstring Curls
• The Most Effective Lateral Raises
• Calf Size and Life Expectancy

As promised, here’s Jason Brown’s video of the banded seated hamstring curl:


Chris asked me a question he’s seen Dr. Jade Teta ask before: “How many calories does sleep have? What about stress? How many calories does that have?”

My answer missed the mark, but it’s a good discussion because science shows that these two factors can affect not only how much food you crave but how your body handles the food you eat. Stress and sleep greatly affect your body composition.

So the study in this week’s newsflash reveals what happens to the body (even during a caloric deficit) when sleep is kept at a minimum. You can take a closer look here.

Shugart Cart

I’ve got a giant calendar in my cart. I’ve been getting one of these for the past three years and have ordered one for 2021 already. Want one too? Get it here.

Every month it rotates from black to white as you can see in these two pics. It’s got a cool Scandi vibe going, it’s very Instagramable, and it makes a pretty good backdrop for any standing around, trying-to-look-cute picture you might want to take.


And Chris has beer in his cart this week. It’s from The New Holland Brewing Co and he says it’s worth every calorie because it’s not your average, everyday beer. Interested in trying it yourself? Grab a case here.

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