Episode 50: How to Keep Fat Off Forever, Happiness Science & How to Tell If He’ll Cheat

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Chris and I discuss some of the worst fitness advice ever, namely this: “Don’t lift weights until you lose weight.”

Why does it suck? Because building muscle makes it easier to sustain fat loss and it keeps you from having to continually lower your calories as you become a smaller and smaller person. And while the benefits of muscle go beyond its caloric impact, to put things plainly, people who lift and do hypertrophy-style training seem to have an easier time staying lean.

I’ve written about this here: Ladies, Build Muscle to Get Leaner
And also here: Stop Obsessing Over Diet and Eat For Muscle 


What are the commonalities among happy people? How often do they have sex, what kind of music do they listen to, how spontaneous (or routine) are their lives, and what activities do they participate in?

Want to take a closer look? Here are some of the studies Chris used for this quiz:

• Sex and Happiness
• One Key Habit For Happiness
• Happiness and Napping
• Time Saving and Happiness
• Spontaneity and Happiness
• Famous Songs and Happiness

And here’s the “Living on a Prayer” video we discussed:


Chris found a study about men with deep voices… and their inclination to cheat. And in turn, women are actually more attracted to men with deep voices. So what’s going on? Is it the voice that attracts the ladies or is it something deeper?

I believe it’s a correlation thing and not a causation. The voice isn’t the cause of the infidelity. Can you guess what is?

Shugart Cart

I’m recommending oranges this time. Not to eat but to make into a garland like this…

You can hang it on anything. I put it on this macrame thing, but you could hang it over a window, doorway, or anywhere else you’d put a garland.

How do you make it? I tried to write the directions myself, but didn’t do a great job, so I’m referring you to the pros at The Home Edit: DIY DRIED ORANGE GARLAND

And if you don’t have any cool, rustic looking twine on hand I just got mine from Amazon.

Chris is recommending an espresso this week that’s instant (gasp!) but given how convenient and surprisingly delicious it is you’re going to want to try it.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 50: How to Keep Fat Off Forever, Happiness Science & How to Tell If He’ll Cheat

  • Aaron

    Greetings from Germany! I really enjoy your podcast <3

    Just have to be a little smartass: The brand is most likely pronounced "meh-dahlia d´oro" which roughly translates to gold medal which you can kind of guess from the actual sound of the first word.

    Keep up the great work and thank you very much for the useful insights and a good laugh here and there.

    • danishugart

      Oh my goodness, thank you so much Aaron! I’ll tell Chris and hopefully we can nail down the pronunciation. Ha! Stoked to hear we’ve been able to entertain you! 🙂

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