Episode 48: Burn 4 Pounds of Belly Fat, Beat the Friend Zone & Lift Like a Woman

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On Our Minds

This week we’re tackling a listener question that we’ve gotten a few times. Here’s the gist: “How do you get out of the friend zone?”

Chris and I haven’t been single for 10 years but we have a few ideas of what causes a person to get there, why it’s not a bad thing, and what to do to give yourself more of a chance of getting out of it. Here are some topics we covered:

• Having hobbies and passions
• Absence
• Showing that you have options
• Displaying skills/dimensions
• Being cool with being single
• The manbbatical

Confused about that last point? I took a “manbbatical” (a sabbatical from men) as a twenty-something, and it seemed to make me more attractive to men. Is it absurd? Yes, of course. But it helped me enjoy purposeful singleness, and incidentally, men took notice… including the guy who became my husband.

We’re not professional dating coaches or anything, so for further information read any of the hundreds of books on this topic, or check out this episode of The Therapy Show With Lisa Mustard. 

Game Time!

This week’s quiz is all about women, their preferences, their fitness and how they’re perceived in the workplace. Chris collected these questions from across the internet and we’ve got the details here:

High pressure jobs and body weight
Women’s muscles and oxygen processing study
Work capacity article
Make-up in the workplace article
Make-up in the workplace study

Chris also asked about women’s attraction to beards. I cannot find the survey he quoted but you may find this beard article interesting.


Who do you think would lose more fat in less time: The guy who runs an hour every day or the guy who does 20 minutes of interval training three times a week. This answer likely won’t surprise experienced lifters because we’ve seen the results of both forms of exercise for ourselves. Many of us have, at least.

Check out the study right HERE. 

The Shugart Cart

Chris has Sugar-Free Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce in his cart this week. It’s from G Hughes and he basically just brings it to the dinner table most nights a week. It only contains five calories per serving, which is about the same as what you’d get in a serving of mustard. So… super low cal if that’s what you’re after.

On the same note, I’ve got Sriracha Tahini Salad Dressing in my cart this week. It’s from the company, Noble Made by The New Primal and it’s “Whole-30 Approved” which means that if you’re on any paleo-ish or ancestral-type diet, this should fit in nicely. I’m not on any sort of diet but just enjoy the taste of it. It contains one carb per serving, two and a half grams of fat and no weird ingredients.

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