Episode 47: Full Body Workouts Vs. Splits, Assertiveness Lessons & All Kinds of Drugs


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Is assertiveness hard for you like it is for me? We get into what happened that made me need to up my assertiveness game and stop being passive. So, what’s the difference between being assertive and aggressive? Chris explains it and we discover which way he leans on the spectrum of being an angry a-hole to being a passive pansy. Plus an article from INC.com has some great tips for becoming assertive, so we talk about a couple of our favorite pointers from it.


Test your knowledge on all sorts of drugs! Do you know the dangerously bizarre thing one marathoner took during the Olympics in 1904? Or how about what women used to take to cope with the stress of motherhood? The picture below is a spoiler so don’t look at it too closely if you haven’t heard the show yet. This quiz is wild. So let’s see if you can beat my score!


Some coaches argue that the best workouts are the ones that hit all the muscles in your body, while others recommend and swear by some sort of body part split, or push-pull regimen. So which camp is correct? Well, one study seems to suggest that full body workouts cause lifters to produce more of a protein that inhibits another protein in the body that inhibits muscle growth. Sounds complicated but it actually makes sense. I had a little trouble believing this study because I don’t think the way it was carried out was totally fair, but regardless, even if the researchers are correct, it’s pretty fascinating. The takeaway? Hitting more muscles in each training session may come with an advantage from a hypertrophy stand point.

The Shugart Cart

I’m recommending the book, Thank You For Arguing by Jay Heinrichs because it’s fantastic. You’ll learn about the art of rhetoric, and what it takes to persuade people… or at least to get them to do what you want. (Kidding!) The author gets into some cool Greek terms like logos, ethos, and pathos, and learning how to master each one while you’re speaking to another person or an audience can be powerful.

Chris is afraid of the dark, so he recommends the Fenix LD15R flashlight. Okay, maybe he’s not afraid, just always prepared. This tiny flashlight will light up a football field, it’s rechargeable, and you can attach it to anything with its two-way body clip and magnetic base.

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