Episode 45: The Best Exercise for Getting Jacked & Three Signs She’s Flirting With You

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It’s almost embarrassing, really. I’m just now “discovering” the power of the loaded carry… even though seasoned lifters and strength coaches have been recommending them, for like, ever.  I’ve never found a single exercise that did basically everything: muscle growth, fat loss, ab/core strength, metabolic conditioning. And it’s actually pretty functional too.

So Chris and I get into the details on how to do loaded carries, our favorite routines, and what could be holding you back if you’ve never felt like they’ve worked.


First of all, there’s good news for all of us thick-thighed ladies! This week’s quiz is on the latest health, fitness and psychology research, and question number one covers the thigh-topic.  Even if you just caught a few health headlines this week, you’ll probably be able to ace this quiz.

I’ll be honest though. Chris sucks at keeping track of the links to the studies he uses on these quizzes. So if you’re wanting to take a deeper dive into the research yourself, then head over to this site and this site and do a quick search of the words he used in the question you’re wondering about.


Researchers have figured out what three things a woman does with her face when she’s flirting. Flirt face, if you will. I tested it out and felt like an idiot, but Chris seemed to enjoy it.  He wasn’t able to access the entire study, but this article can give you a closer look at the details.

We also talked about a study which showed how women receive compliments and how they’re perceived by the compliment-giver as a result of their reaction to those compliments. You can find more about that study in this article. But it seems fairly obvious: rejecting a compliment makes people perceive you less favorably, whether you’re saying, “thanks, I know I’m great,” or “thanks, but I disagree” you’re minimizing the compliment. People will perceive you as gracious when you accept the compliment with grace and sincerity.

The Shugart Cart

I have a fake tanner in my cart this week. It’s a clear little dropper bottle of Tanologist, and you can add as many drops into your lotion as you like. It doesn’t stink, it doesn’t streak, and it doesn’t make your skin feel sticky.

Chris has a spice mix in his cart this week. It’s a blend created by chef and host on the Food Network, Andrew Zimmern. The brand is called Badia, which actually has several spice blends but the specific one we tried and loved is called, Mexican Fiesta.

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