Episode 44: The 20-Reps Method, Poop Pills for Weight Loss & Steamy Movie Scenes


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Remember the 40-reps method Chris talked about in season two? It’s right here in case you missed it and want to get jacked. There’s a similar method that’s designed more for strength. It’s called the 20-reps method, as you could probably tell by the title, and it’s brutal. If you want to read the full breakdown in addition to hearing us chat about it, Chris has a tip on how to do it on T Nation.

I’m definitely on the fence because of the super short rest periods, but if you give it a shot, let me know how it goes!


Are there any hot and steamy scenes from the movies that you’ve wanted to do in your own life? That’s what this quiz is all about. Chris found a survey that lists the top movie scenes people are interested in trying at home. And to my disappointment, none of them mentioned Dirty Dancing.


There’s a world of bacteria living in your body, and it’s most concentrated in the gut. This is what we call a microbiome and it’s fascinating because a lot of experts believe that it has an affect on your mind, mood, health, longevity, and even body composition.

So this week we talked about an article titled, Consuming your own fecal microbiome when dieting may limit weight regain and it is exactly what it sounds like. Researchers gave study participants (who had dieted for 6 months) poop pills that came from their own gut microbiome to see if it would help them keep the weight off. And the results were a little weird, but they made sense. Here’s a more in-depth description of the study.

And if you don’t want to take poop pills, no worries! We go over a bunch of tips that can help you colonize a healthier, sexier gut microbiome. We also discuss this jaw-dropping article by Bill Roberts. And for further reading, I recommend this gut bacteria article by TC Luoma. He gets into how your gut microbiome can affect your stress levels and happiness.

The Shugart Cart

This week I’m recommending a zero-carb sugar substitute  that has no funky aftertaste and has zero calories. I’m a fan of monk fruit sweetener and have been using it in my protein oat cake recipe.

Chris has a grown-up backpack in his cart this week. He’s owned it for a year and has never once complained about it… this is a big deal because he used to complain daily about how much he hated all the backpacks he’s ever owned. So I highly recommend it too.

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