Episode 43: Discipline Overload, Creepy Phobias & The Riskiest Pill

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On Our Minds

At what point does dietary discipline become disordered? We get into some of the trends that keep popping up among online diet experts: Specifically, the idea that if you don’t eat junk food, you have a mental problem. Does this idea seem accurate or reasonable to you? Sure, there’s a point when going all out on a super strict diet can mess with your health and wellbeing long-term, but does that mean all diets are bad and destructive? Does that mean avoiding nutrient poor, high-calorie food is a disorder?


Chris has a chilling story about what happened to him out in the dry Texas wilderness one day. It illustrates the difference between fear and phobia, and it’s truly what nightmares are made of. So listen to the story, then see if you can beat my score this week. It’s going to be hard because I pretty much aced this one!


A new study on acetaminophen (Tylenol) shows that even an average dose can reduce fear and possibly lead to more risk-taking behaviors.

That might be dangerous in some situations, but could it be helpful in others? Think about it. Perhaps thats’s exactly what the risk-averse need.

Other studies on Tylenol conclude that it reduces empathy (not good), but may also relieve social pain, like romantic rejection (handy).

Here’s the related article discussed in the show: A Vitamin for Headaches, a Drug for Sociopaths

Shugart Cart

This week I’ve got a plush avocado in my cart. Is it weird for a 36 year old to buy herself a stuffed toy? I don’t even care. It was worth it. Consider grabbing one for the millennial in your life.

Chris has a sled in his cart. Not the kind you ride but the kind you drag behind you for exercise. This one is super light and portable so you can do it in any park or grassy area.


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