Episode 42: Hip Dip Deception, The Big D & Symptoms of Female Hysteria


On Our Minds

According to butt experts on Instagram, the “hip dip” is a space on your glutes that needs to be filled in with muscle. And YouTubers are even saying that we need to “fill in our side glutes” in order to defeat this atrocity. Here’s a peek at what you can find about it on social media:

But is this accurate? It seems like this so-called problem is actually just the natural slope (muscle definition perhaps?) between a developed gluteus medius and a developed gluteus maximus. And – just like any other muscle group – wouldn’t its prominence depend on the genetic shape of your skeleton, the size of your musculature, and your leanness?

I mean, if the hip dip was a sign that there was a lacking muscle, then wouldn’t the top bodybuilders have figured out how to develop that missing musculature? Take a look at eight-time Mr.Olympia, Ronnie Coleman. Notice anything about his glutes?


I’m sorry, glute-heads, but if “The King” has a hip dip, then it’s not caused by a lack of muscle. And I for one think that the natural indentation on the butt cheeks is athletic looking and actually quite pretty. And if my gluteus medius is developed enough to protrude and create a dip, do you think for a second that I would try t0 atrophy it just to make my butt look like what’s trending on social media? Not a chance.

Quiz Time!

What atrocious things did doctors prescribe throughout history to women who were diagnosed with female hysteria? Take our quiz on archaic cures of the past!


Lots of people are gobbling up vitamin D supplements to help strengthen their immune systems, yet lots of people are still deficient. What gives? Turns out, they may not be absorbing what they’re consuming.

Chris and I talk about the research that shows why magnesium deficiency can cause vitamin D deficiency. And I tell him about the article I found which shows how coffee interferes with the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals. Ladies, if you’re supplementing with iron, don’t wash it down with coffee – not even decaf.

The Shugart Cart

I have thin hair. It’s genetic and nothing is going to stop it. However, there are ways to make it look thicker. And I’m loving this powder from a company called Toppik. You basically just sprinkle the stuff on your head and it’ll make your shiny scalp a little less scalpy.

And Chris recommends a pocket knife that looks like an on-the-go meat cleaver. Check out his recommendation!


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