Episode 38: The Happy Pill, Cardio Timing & The Science-Backed Body Image Booster

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I have this theory that most people aren’t assholes. They’re just nutrient deficient. Which nutrient? Well, there are a few possibilities including a lack of vitamin B-12 and magnesium (both common deficiencies), but omega-3 fatty acids are the highest on my list of possibilities.

Adding them to my diet a couple months ago made a dramatic difference that alleviated this constant, low-grade feeling of anxiousness and irritability. And it got me thinking, what if a ton of other people are feeling that too?

So what are these fatty acids? EPA and DHA are what the research points to as being beneficial, and they’re found in fish oil.

Can people just eat fish to get them? If you can consume several pounds a day, yes. That’s what you’d need in order to get the benefits. Luckily, supplements contain concentrated amounts of EPA and DHA, so that you don’t have to eat a million fish every week.

Here are a few studies on omega-3 fatty acids:

Effects on Depression
Effects on Cortisol
Effects on Stress
Effects on PMS

Here are some articles (full of studies):

The Performance-Enhancing Oil
Fish Oil and Fat Loss
These Fats Treat Depression
Fish Oil – You’re Using it Wrong

And here’s the type of fish oil Chris and I use: Biotest Flameout

To be honest, I’ve been delaying talking about this because it sounds too good to be true. And the company I work for makes the fish oil that I use. However, I DO NOT MAKE ANY COMMISSIONS. So buy it… or don’t. 


Test your knowledge on these things:

  • Cardio timing and muscle growth
  • Creatine and muscle retention
  • People who work out while high

Plus a few other exercise-related topics. See if you can beat my score!


Chris is pissed about an article (a slideshow of sorts) from Vice titled, How to Deal With Feeling Bad About Your Body During Isolation. Here it is.

So why is he mad at something so positive?

Well, mainly because none of their advice has anything to do with improving your diet or getting some exercise. You know, things research has actually shown to work. Yes, exercise makes people like their bodies more. People who work out know this from experience.

Vice’s advice, unsurprisingly, is to just give in to your vices.

And to unfollow those who actually DO work out and eat healthy food. But that doesn’t sound like a sustainable solution to us. Sure, comparing yourself to others isn’t super helpful… but censoring yourself from awesome people so that you feel like less of a loser? That’s just sad. Why not join them and become more awesome, too?

We get into the (body-image) benefits of building muscle.

The Shugart Cart

My cart contains the series, Hanna, which you can watch on Amazon Prime. Season one was fantastic and we just started season two, which seems like it’ll be just as good.

Chris is recommending Epic Baked Pork Rinds which are way better than regular pork rinds. They don’t leave a greasy film in your mouth because there’s not a ton of fat in them like the conventional kind. Plus they’re zero-carb, which means that they fit just about any diet except a vegan, vegetarian, or Kosher one.

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