Episode 36: New Set/Rep Schemes for Muscle & Lifting Therapy With Lisa Mustard

What’s On Our Minds

What muscle-building set and rep schemes do you need to add to your workout? Chris and I go over a few we love that you don’t hear about too often. Our favorites come from Coach Christian Thibaudeau who wrote 22 Proven Rep Schemes for T-Nation.com. That’s an article worth bookmarking or printing out.

Another must-try set-rep scheme is Ellington Darden’s 30-10-30 technique. You only do it once a week because it’s so brutal… but definitely worth a try. Chris talks about the set-rep scheme Larry Scott used to prepare for his Mr. Olympia win in the 1960s. Strength Coach, Michael Warren, has detailed The Forgotten 6×6 Protocol that he used.

We also discuss the rest-pause method and breathing squats.

Here’s the biggest take-home though: If you’re experiencing a plateau, maybe you don’t need to overhaul your exercise selection, you just need to switch up your set and rep schemes.

A Therapy Session With Lisa Mustard

Is it OK to be happy right now? Times are weird and we’re not sure what to think anymore… so we asked Lisa what her take was and felt a lot better.

Since Lisa’s a therapist who lifts we had a ton more to ask her. Like, how can someone help his or her spouse get healthier? And what should you do if someone you love is trying to sabotage your fitness? Lisa has a ton to say about this and you’re probably going to want her to become YOUR therapist after this.

Find Lisa Mustard here:

The Shugart Cart

I have a couple books for you to put in your cart. One is called “Un-Offendable” by Brant Hansen who presents a Christian’s world view on taking offense, and why it’s not actually helpful or Biblical. I read it in 2016 right when offendedness was really starting to take off and felt like it had a profound affect on me then.

And the other book is called Devoted by Dean Koontz. I’m halfway in and love it. It features a dog with human-level intelligence… which is the gift Koontz always gives his fictional doggies.

And what’s the best bread for people who usually avoid bread? Chris says it’s this stuff. It’s not grain-free but it’s pretty damn good.

And while you’re here, take a listen to any podcast episodes you might’ve missed!

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