Episode 35: The Weight Vest Diet, The 100% Rule & The History Of Workout Gear

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What’s on Our Minds

Do you struggle with willpower? Do you get bogged down with decision fatigue? The fix might be counterintuitive: Adopt the 100% rule.

“It’s easier to hold your principles 100% of the time than it is 98% of the time,” the saying goes. It’s talking about business, but it relates a lot to diet and training.

For example, the common 90/10 guideline says to eat healthy foods 90% of the time, then have some fun 10% of the time. But that means before every meal you have to make a choice: Is this going to be a healthy meal, or does this count as part of that 10 percent?

This may actually drain your willpower, or at least cause you to half-ass your nutrition plan. The 100% rule has you making those choices only one time. For example, you
say, “I don’t snack at night.”  The decision is made; the willpower has been expended… and now you don’t have to think about it anymore. Would obeying this rule work for YOU and your fitness goals? We give you our thoughts.


How much do you know about the history of fitness equipment? Well, find out! Take Chris’s quiz and see if you can beat my score. You’ll learn a lot either way.


How uncomfortable are you willing to get to lose a pound of fat per week? What if you didn’t have to change your current diet or workout plan? Well, there’s a new study that says all you have to do is wear around a weighted vest for part of the day.

And the researchers say the positive effects aren’t just due to energy expenditure. The weighted vest may actually be tinkering with your
body fat set point.

We dig into the study and break it down for you. (For even more details, check out Chris’s article on this topic here.)

The Shugart Cart

My cart contains AHA sparking water, a zero-sugar fizzy drink that I’m a little addicted to right now. You can find them just about anywhere.

Chris has FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks in his cart… and perhaps his pants. This is sort of a healthy, grown-up version of Slim Jims. Check them out here.



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