Episode 34: Instagram Clones, Instinctive Training & Food For a Better Sex Life

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What’s On Our Minds

There are two types of lifters: Those who follow a meticulous plan and those who train instinctively. We talk about the latter, and why most strength coaches would probably not approve of my workouts. Chris gets into what he’s doing differently with his workouts, and why it’s probably not the “correct” way of doing things… but it’s more fun.


Can nutrition make you better in the sack? Chris quizzes me on food and nutrients that improve libido and other sexy things. See if you can beat my score!


We have two this time.

1. Does social media use increase our desire for cosmetic surgery? Researchers studied this phenomenon among young women and found out that, yes, it tends to! We discussed why women are all beginning to look the same, and used Khloe Kardashian as an example, since she keeps coming out with a new face every year.

Thinking about all of this leads me to ask: Would you rather be less attractive and look like you or be more attractive and look the same as a lot of women? There are no right answers, but I’m kind of averse to being a clone.

2. Is it important to forgive people right away? Chris found a study in which researchers concluded that it really depends on whether or not you’re dealing with an agreeable person. If you’re not, they may make the same exact transgression again knowing that you’ll forgive them right away. Take a listen and see if you agree.

The Shugart Cart

My cart contains Mt. Hagan Instant Decaf Coffee. If you’re a coffee person, I know what you’re thinking and I’m not apologizing. It tastes good (to me) and I like to drink hot stuff at night.

Chris has Taza Wicked Dark Chocolate in his cart this week. It’s 95% cocoa and it’s pretty damn good. It’s not something you want to overeat either. A square or two tends to hit the spot.

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