Episode 33: Athlete & Survivor Champ: The Natalie Anderson Interview

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What’s On Our Minds

This week we’re talking about going on a social media diet and limiting TV to only things that are really good (like Survivor).

We decided that if something doesn’t motivate, inspire, or uplift us in some meaningful way, then it’s not worth our time. And internet outrage loops don’t seem to change minds or draw people together. So we’re steering clear of those with a couple of strategies we discuss in this episode.

Our Chat With THE Natalie Anderson!!

Natalie was a return champion on Survivor. She won season 29 and then came back for season 40… where she was voted off the main island first and then had to win her way back.

She completely blew our minds with how fast, strong, and athletic she was EVEN WHILE STARVING. So naturally, we had to find out how she prepared for competition, what she did between seasons, what made her such a competition beast, and much more.

If you’re a Survivor fan you’re going to want to hear this because she goes in depth on things you probably don’t know just from watching it on TV.

Find Natalie on Instagram and give her a follow! And watch her seasonsĀ HERE.

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