Episode 32: Using Pics to Get Leaner, Dating Tips for Uglies & Coffee Science

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What’s on Our Minds

Do you get motivated by seeing before and after pictures of people? We talk about how they used to motivate people, and how their reliability is wearing off.

Chris even has a little story about a marketing rumor. Remember this picture? It was in a popular ad in fitness magazines of the 90s.

Rumor has it, this dude actually started out with the body on the right and was paid to gradually become the body on the left in order to model for this advertisement. So maybe we really can’t trust all transformation pictures.

But what about just taking your own progress pictures for overall awareness and accountability? Is there any reason to do that? Chris says yes. And he recommends it for those wanting to get leaner. He actually has a few recommendations on how to do it.

Are progress pictures for EVERYONE though? Eh, I’m not a huge fan. I’d rather just analyze how my clothes are fitting and use those to determine whether or not it’s time to tighten things up a bit.


Does just smelling coffee increase alertness?
Is drinking several cups a day associated with a smaller waistline?
And can a hefty dose of it decrease your chances of depression?
Take the quiz and find out!


Researchers are now saying that we’re less and less likely to see couples with mixed attractiveness. Why? Well, couples who are unmatching looks-wise are far more likely to have met in a social setting, where they became friends first and got to know each other before dating. They fell in love with each other’s personalities and characters before they fell for their looks.

But now that most people are meeting through dating apps, the first thing that grabs their attention is appearance. And daters are selecting mates that look about the same as far as attractiveness goes. Chris says that this research should bring hope to ugly guys. If you want to date someone better looking than you, just join more social groups related to your interests, and become friends with them.

Shugart Cart

I’ve never been a fan of life coaches. I always thought they hadn’t lived enough life to be coaching people on it… however… maybe I’ve been wrong. There’s a pretty cool guy on the ‘net who often gives solid advice. And he does it with a large serving of humor.

And Chris is fan of this crunchy coating that he puts on boring chicken, and it makes it amazing! We’re not sure how to pronounce it though.

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