Episode 31: Jacked Actor, Jeff Bosley, Dishes on Batman, Jack Reacher & More

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What’s On Our Minds

“Discomfort is the basis of progress,” they say. And it goes beyond just doing hard things in the gym and controlling your diet.

Chris and I discuss how getting uncomfortable – by being social, building connections, and taking risks – leads to more progress and even more happiness. In Chris’s case, it lead to him getting a dream job that changed the entire course of his life… and mine too in the long run. I talked about how making social connections is actually good for our health, and science backs this up.

Are you getting uncomfortable by putting yourself out there? I talk about my next uncomfortable challenge… and it has to do with this podcast.


Actor and former Green Beret Jeff Bosley joins us! Can you beat his near-perfect score in this quiz about actors who didn’t get (or turned down) iconic movie roles?

Bonus: Jeff shares some behind-the-scenes Hollywood insights about playing a villain vs. a hero.

The Jeff Bosley Interview

Is the next Batman going to be kinda scrawny? Well, Robert Pattison says he’s not really training for the role in The Batman. In fact, he said if you’re working out all the time, you’re “part of the problem.” Who better to discuss that than a super-fit actor like Jeff Bosley? His reaction may surprise you.

Jeff also talks about how he’s in the running to be the next Jack Reacher (formerly played by Tom Cruise) in a new Amazon series.

We also discuss musclehead typecasting, steroid use in superhero movies, and how Jeff stays jacked.

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