Episode 30: Cutting Through The Crap With Coach Nick Tumminello

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What’s On Our Minds

There’s a drawback to having a large social media account. It’ll often get followed by some unpleasant people. Chris gets into his experiences with the know-it-all who only knows a little. Know what he’s talking about?

When it comes to exercise and nutrition, this type is all over social media – at least on the comment section of big accounts. And you’ll usually find him yelling about something in absolutes and all caps. “NEVER DO THIS!” “ALWAYS DO THAT!” “YOUR [sic] WRONG!”

But real experts seldom take these always/never stances. They know a lot, and it seems like the more people know, the more often their answer is… “It depends.”

Chris and I discuss this phenomenon and how to relates to behind-the-neck pulldowns, battle ropes, exercise range of motion, and even fitness marketing. The lesson? Navigate the nuances, try out lots of ideas, and learn to think for yourself. We offer some tips in this segment and so will our guest today.


Strength and conditioning coach, Nick Tumminello, joins us to see if he can pass a quiz about… Nick Tumminello. Yep, we test him on his knowledge of his own work.

Can you pass this quiz about super-normal stimuli, gorilla burpees, crunches, and more?

Newsflash or “Dani and Chris Talk To Smart People”

Coach Tumminello sticks around to talk about squatting in Olympic lifting shoes, working around mobility issues, consensus bias, back pain, and a much more.

Be sure to check out all of Nick’s work:

• NickTumminello.com (PE teacher for adults)

• Instagram 

• YouTube

• And I basically live in his women’s racerback tanks.

The Shugart Cart

Is your dog bored? Does he or she love treats? Get your fur face the Trixie Poker Box and make him or her work for the snacks. Your puppers will love discovering the treats. Or at least you’ll love watching them figure it out. I don’t recommend using this with more than one dog. Especially if they’re food possessive.

Chris has a brain challenge in his cart too, this one for humans. It’s called, The Room.  It’s a beautiful yet creepy series of puzzling apps for your phone or tablet that’ll keep your mind sharp.


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