Episode 28: A Politically Incorrect Chat With Christian Thibaudeau

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How’s your training going during these weird times? I took a complete hiatus from strength and bodybuilding-style workouts and instead have been doing an on-demand, “angry yoga” program. It’s challenging in a totally different way than what my body’s used to… but I’m excited about returning to normal workouts soon.

Chris is training at the T Nation HQ and trying some new exercises (like the kettlebell gorilla row). He’s sore all the time, but is this a good thing? We dig into that topic.


Strength Coach Christian Thibaudeau  joins us to test his knowledge of bulletproof boobies, snitches who get stitches, misophonia, and bored monkeys.  Yep, it’s a weird headline quiz. Can you beat Chris and Christian’s score? (Probably.)

Bonus: Christian talks about the effects of stress on our hormones and how that can lead to quarantine quarrels.


We’ve noticed a trend: While doctors and health experts are telling us how junk foods and obesity can make us more vulnerable to COVID-19, social activists are telling us to just love our bodies and avoid dieting during quarantine. 

Coach Thibaudeau discusses this topic in his usual straightforward (and certainly not politically correct) manner. It’s eye opening. Be sure to check out his article, The Politically Incorrect Truth About Obesity.

Bonus: Check out the supplements he gives to his toddler and the effects they seem to be having.

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