Episode 22: How to Spot a Fit Pro Cult Leader & The Truth About 10,000 Steps a Day

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Chris and I talk about how every field and profession has its own mini-celebrities. This isn’t usually a bad thing. It’s beneficial when good people promote good ideas. But when mini-celebs create out-groups and enemies, or abuse their power, that’s when things get weird.

And sometimes, these leaders can become predatory. Power is powerful. Bikram Choudhury is a good example of this within the yoga world. He abused his power and did (is doing?) some pretty horrific things to the women who paid thousands to learn from him. Everyone fawned over this rapist and misogynist, which has given him license continue abusing his power with a seemingly clear conscience.


I test Chris’s knowledge on factoids from recent health and fitness-related news articles. Let’s see if you can get beat his score!


Chris is irritated by recent news headlines. A recent study determined that taking 10,000 steps a day doesn’t help with weight loss among female college students, so the mainstream media is now giving people the impression that more movement isn’t helpful. So we take a closer look at the study and come up with our own observations.

Then we compare notes…

In years past, Chris tracked his steps and made some interesting discoveries – namely, as someone who would hit the gym twice a day and go on walks, he still fell short of the 10k requirement. But he still thinks the media shouldn’t discourage anyone from aiming for that number.

Unlike Chris, I don’t hate the headlines. I’ve actually never been obsessed with accumulating 10,000 steps a day because it’s a blanket-statement recommendation, and like all blanket statements, it’s not accurate for every individual. Tons of people stay lean and get healthy without walking several miles (10k steps is around 5 miles!) every day or even owning a pedometer.

Usually fat loss has more to do with diet than the specific number of steps you take. Also, the people who’ve been regularly walking for decades rarely track their steps. The inherent benefits of taking a walk go way beyond arbitrary numbers and neurotic tracking.

The Shugart Cart

Yak Trax are in my cart this week, and if you live in a cold climate and want to take walks, they’re a must. Last year I slipped and fell on ice twice and ended up messing up my spine/neck so badly that I had to be adjusted by a chiropractor. So this year, I’m staying upright. The Yak Trax are pretty freaking effective. I can walk on any slick, icy surface like it’s nothing. Here’s a pic from the Yak Trax website so you can see how they work:

Chris has a turkey tenderloin in his cart this week, which you can grab at just about any grocery store. We talk about what a tenderloin actually is and how to prepare it pretty easily. If you make it using Chris’s simple recipe, let us know!

3 thoughts on “Episode 22: How to Spot a Fit Pro Cult Leader & The Truth About 10,000 Steps a Day

  • Becky

    Just listened to the latest episode…I love how they get me through my cardio! And… they’re as real and down to earth as it gets, thank you for that!

  • Pete

    The fitness technology industry has made a fortune from pushing 10,000 step challenges.

    Have always enjoyed your thoughts.

    On power people: a lot of people think they are more important than everyone else.

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