Episode 18: 3 Fitness Rules To Break & How To Tell If You’re Going to Die in 10 Years

What’s On Our Minds

When fitness strategies get repeated often enough they’re often thought of as standards to follow. This week we’re going over three common ones and why we’re not following the rules. Here’s what we talked about:

1. You must eat fewer calories and carbs on off-days.
2. All workouts must revolve around the big-3 lifts.
3. You must wear a fitness tracker in order to know how many calories you burned.

Granted, the third one isn’t really a rule. It’s just a common thing people do. But listen to the full episode to see why we’re not on board with these three practices. What are some common fitness strategies that you’re ditching?


This quiz is called, Seven High-Protein Foods That Probably Fit Your Macros, But Aren’t on Your Meal Plan. WARNING: It’s pretty gross, so if you’re eating, we’re going to recommend that you fast forward a few minutes. If your stomach can handle it, then see if you can beat Chris. He actually didn’t do too well this time around.


Turns out there’s a simple test you can do in your own home to find out if your heart is healthy. Researchers tracked firefighters over a 10 year period and found out that their push-up ability was a good indication of whether or not they would suffer from a cardiovascular-related incident later on in life. Take the push-up test and tell us how you do!

The Shugart Cart

I put Target’s off-brand sparkling water in my cart this week because there’s a flavor that I’m absolutely addicted to. If you’re a fan of sparkling water, make sure to tell me your favorite brand and flavor so that I can try it.

And Chris has this adult beverage in his cart this week. It’s fruity, it’s beer-ey, it’s healthy-ish, and it’s kinda fun to drink. Let us know what you think if you’ve tried it before!


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