Episode 16: Cringiest Mistakes of the Decade & The Real Craving-Killer

What’s On Our Minds

Chris and I discuss the worst things we did with our health and fitness over the past decade. From excessive use of almond flour to excessive use of fake tanner; we dish about all the dumb stuff we did in the twenty-tens.


Dietitians ranked the best and worst diets of 2019. Listen to my limericks and see if you can guess which diets made the worst list and where they ranked on it.


According to the research, tons of leafy green veggies may not be the most satiating – no matter how much you stuff yourself with them. Chris shares what actually IS satiating according to the research.

The Shugart Cart

I gave up dryer sheets a few years ago because of some information I learned from Dr. Jillian Teta in one of her brilliant newsletters. I quote her in this episode because what she said is shocking. So instead of using those nasty things on your clothes, I recommend wool dryer balls, which work just as well.

Chris has chicken nuggets in his cart, or as we like to call them, “nugs”. He uses Ian’s Gluten-Free Panko to coat the chicken. Listen to the whole episode to get the step-by-step details.


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