Episode 13: Study-Obsession in Fitness & The Key to Female Pleasure

What’s On Your Mind?

Is it possible to be too dependent on research? That seems to be the general trend in fitness.

Experienced coaches, lifters, and people who’ve had success eating a certain way are told that they’re wrong even if what they’re doing is working for them. Why? Because the science is inconclusive.

What do you think? Has “evidence based” gone too far?


What are the weirdest findings in health and fitness? Take this quiz and see if you can beat me. (Hint: You can. I failed.)


Why is it that a huge proportion of women don’t have a satisfying sex life? We get into the stats, and Chris has a very special book recommendation for those wanting to improve their bedroom skills.

The Shugart Cart

I’ve got a pour-over coffee decanter in my cart this week and Chris has a mandolin, which thinly slices veggies and potatoes. He also reveals how to make chips in the microwave. Did you hear that? YOU CAN MAKE CHIPS IN THE MICROWAVE.

Final Thoughts

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