Episode 1: Angry Ab Training & The Pills That Make You Fat

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Welcome to the show notes! Have you ever had a stubborn or lazy muscle group? Most lifters have.

But what if that muscle group was super responsive for the first 4-6 weeks, and then suddenly went numb. That’s my (Dani’s) problem. My abs go into a zombie-like stupor. So we talk about solutions for keeping them awake and alive this time around.

Plus Chris tells us what he does to keep a “four-pack” year round. Plus he reveals his “speed bump” test, which lets him know when it’s time to tighten up.


Can you answer these multiple choice questions? See if you can beat Chris – he gets a B.


What does the immune system and our gut bacteria have to do with weight gain? That conversation was spurred on by this article from the Atlantic.

The Shugart Cart

Dani recommends the book, The Glute Lab by Bret Contreras and Glen Cordoza.

Chris recommends a landmine device from Rogue Fitness.

2 thoughts on “Episode 1: Angry Ab Training & The Pills That Make You Fat

  • I love training abs! I used to do them literally every day… up until the last few months where frankly, i get busy doing other things. lol
    But any time I go to the gym I do SOME sort of ab exercise.
    I do everything from body-weight movements to weight-bearing.
    It’s funny you mention about the genetics and how they play a part in how they look…. I struggle with constantly comparing “my” abs with others and wonder why they look different.
    And THANK YOU for saying that abs are not made in the kitchen!! OMG I get so sick of hearing that!!
    While it is true that the foods you eat play a huge part in how your abs look (ie. bloating, etc…), you need to exercise them just like any other muscle!
    So thank you again for pointing this out. 🙂

    • danishugart

      Exactly Tina! Thank you for the great comment! No two sets of abs are alike, and we’re betting yours are fabulous since you hit them so often and enjoy training them. Way to go and thanks for listening!

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