Episode 37: How to Have Constant Energy, Dogs vs. Sex & The Dinner that Makes You Fat

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Which common problem makes 20% of women feel drained or even depressed? An iron deficiency, which is actually easy to have. How much iron do women need? More than even most doctors recommend. We talk about that. Here are a couple more resources:

The Missing Element in Female Fitness

Iron Deficiency in Women: Assessment, Causes, Consequences

What about iron and men? Well, they usually have the opposite problem as women. In fact, they should never supplement with iron and may even need to “drain it off” occasionally. Detailed info here:

Keep the Iron on the BarĀ 

Speaking of the boys, what’s making men over 40 so tired these days? Besides the obvious problems, like lack of sleep, it can often be low testosterone. We discuss that topic too. If it sounds like we’re talking about you, be sure to check this out:

The Complete Guide to T Replacement

And it turns out, women are often deficient in testosterone too. Check this out:

The Female Low Testosterone Epidemic


How does owning a dog affect your sex life and how many people choose their canine companions over their partners? Our quiz this is week is all about fur babies and how they affect our lives. See if you can beat my score!


Can dinnertime affect your metabolism? According to the studies, it certainly does. We get into the latest research, then talk about what we’re doing to avoid the drawbacks and still enjoy a good evening meal. Here’s some more info.

Shugart Cart

Given the low iron epidemic among fit women, this week I have an iron supplement in my cart.

Chris reviews a new neutral pull-up bar with a fat grip that can also be used for rows and pulldowns. He has bitchy elbows and the Bazooka Bar by Abnormal Strength Equipment has helped a lot. Check it out here.


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