About Us

Fit body. Fit mind. Fit relationships. And no fat pants.

Dani here! I’ve gotta brag on my guy, Chris Shugart. He’s the CCO of T-Nation.com where he’s been writing, editing, and perfecting fitness content for over 20 years. I’ve been a writer and editor there for just over 5 years.

My educational background (does anyone care about that anymore?) is in electronic media and nutrition. So like, TV and radio with a dash of food science. Chris has a background in English and education… and we’ve both been lifting and tweaking our diets for decades.

We edit the experts – the ones with the PhDs or years of training clients in the trenches – and then bring that info to you in an easy-to-understand, and sometimes very silly package.

So join us. Get practical tips, motivation, and insight on self improvement from people who actually care about not being boring.

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